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Please provide us with your cc information to have on file for all your future room bookings. We at Request Rooms do not charge your card, our services are FREE to you, we will use this CC information to make all your room bookings that you request us to make for you. If at anytime, you need to change this info, please contact us... so you can complete a new form to have on file with us!  Please note: Sometimes cards are charge at the time of booking and sometimes it is charged at the hotel/motel upon arrival or departure. You always need to make sure the money is available and your credit card limits support this charge. We are not responsible for any bookings cancelled due to NSF or Credit Limits issues. Each vendor is different on when they charge. You are responsible for all charges for your rooms including any damages made to the rooms and charges incurred for no shows. You may need to have to have a CC with you or with your employees at check-in for incidentals. Most larger chain hotels do require this, cheaper motels...not so much. The room portion will already be covered on this card you provide here, so you should not need to supply this CC used for the hotel/motel portion of your booking. If for any reason, this is not an option to have a credit card available for incidentals with whomever checks in, we will help obtain the 3rd party authorization form to complete and send back to the hotel and or we can check for options that do not require a incidental card.  Also, due to holds for bookings and incidental charges... we always encourage you use a Credit Card, not a Debit Card for Hotels and Motels. CC do an authorization to see if you have the money available, Debit Cards they take the money and it takes days for it to be returned and it will continue to try to charge throughout your stay.  



Please charge my credit card referenced above for my room requests and bookings. I understand all of the terms and conditions regarding this booking and all bookings on my behalf including cancellation policies and applicable penalties, if not and want this information, I will request it. I understand I am responsible to cover these charges and penalties, as I requested the rooms to be booked. I even understand if I am a no show to my hotel/motel I understand I will be charged by the hotel at minimum one night stay maybe longer and I accept these charges. I will not dispute these charges, as they fit within my pre-set preference amounts or I was contacted if it was higher and I approved. 

If you are using a debit card with a daily spending limit, it is your responsibility to contact your bank to give them permission to authorize the transaction. I understand I was also advised to use a CC verses a Debit Card. If they require the name of the vendor and you are unsure as to who that is, please contact Request Rooms at: 507-320-4320 / / 


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