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Please be aware of any potential cancellation, refund and surcharge policies and fees by suppliers and agree not to dispute or chargeback any of the above signed for and acknowledged charges without proper course of action. A separate fee of $100 will be paid to Cruises and Tours Unlimited/Karlene's Caribean Travel before cancellations will be made. A $30.00 amendment fee is a minimum tour change fee. If you request multiple changes and/or request the adjustments at the last minute, additional fees may apply (in addition to the $30.00 amendment fee). Paying the $30.00 amendment fee does not guarantee a change can or will be made.


Karlene's Caribbean Travel offers the purchase of travel insurance to protect yourself from any unforeseen events as most health insurance policies will not cover you in a foreign country. If you don’t think travel insurance is for you, please take a look at your passport. You’ll see the U.S. State Department recommends reviewing your health insurance before leaving the country because most policies (including Medicare) won’t cover you abroad. This means you will be responsible if you get sick or injured during your trip. If purchased you agree to all of the terms and conditions of the insurance program and you understand the coverage provided by the insurance company and will direct questions to the insurance provider.


I hereby authorize Karlene's Caribbean Travel and its representatives to charge my credit card as outlined above.

I understand that this form constitutes a legally binding contract and that by completing this form, I will be held responsible for all agreed upon charges as well as any and all collection and legal fees.

I agree that this payment information may be transmitted for charging directly to selected travel suppliers on my behalf by Karlene's Caribbean Travel; that multiple transactions may be made.

Karlene's Caribbean Travel will not release personal information to any parties not listed on your finalized travel quote and will apply due diligence in maintaining records in a secured, safe location.

If you are using a debit card with a daily spending limit, it is your responsibility to contact your bank to give them permission to authorize the transaction.